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  • Quant-based investing
  • Constant monitoring & rebalancing

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Best free risk profiling tools for financial advisers
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Simple, Secure, and Personalized Investing in 4 Easy Steps

Our user-friendly platform handles the entire process for you

  • Risk Profiling

    Use our free risk profiling tool to understand your investment tolerance

  • Portfolio Analysis

    Analyze your existing portfolio with our free portfolio analysis tool

  • Investment Match

    Get matched with a tailored investment strategy based on your risk profile and goals, backed by advanced algorithms analyzing 8-10 years of ML-based financial data

  • Invest with Confidence

    Monitor your portfolio performance and make informed investment decisions with our subscription plan as low as Rs. 499 per month

Best User-friendly Risk Profiling Tool

Are you aware of your risk appetite? Get your Risk Score now!

Our quick and easy risk assessment helps you understand your risk tolerance and investment goals.

How to check Risk Score
Financial advisor guidance for future investments

Get a free Portfolio Analysis to know the health of your portfolio.

Analyze your existing investments to identify potential risks and hidden opportunities.

Invest Smarter.

Tailored Portfolios for Everyone.

ORIM empowers every investor with data-driven investment strategies with no investment barrier.

Get matched with the perfect portfolio for you, built on these foundation.

Psychometric Risk Profiling

We understand your true risk tolerance, not just what you say on a form.

ML-based Risk Analysis & Factor Analysis

Uncover hidden opportunities in your existing portfolio.

Quant-based Investing

Eliminating emotional biases, we craft data-driven investment strategies tailored to your risk profile and financial goals.

Constant Monitoring & Rebalancing

We keep your portfolio on track as per your expectations.

ORIM offers personalized investment strategies.

ORIM LR strategy


  • Diversified offering across gold, debt, and equity markets (Suitable for conservative investors)
  • Chargeable 6 monthly INR 2,999 + GST
  • Recommended investment tenure: 3+ years

ORIM MR strategy


  • Personalized mix of multi-cap equities, gold and debt products. (Suitable for moderate risk tolerance)
  • Chargeable 6 monthly INR 2,999 + GST
  • Recommended investment tenure: 3+ years

ORIM HR strategy


  • Concentrated equity portfolio focusing on multi-cap stocks for potentially higher returns. (Suitable for high risk investors)
  • Chargeable 6 monthly INR 2,999 + GST
  • Recommended investment tenure: 3+ years

Invest with confidence and transparency using our intuitive dashboard.

Customised as per your investments

SEBI registered investment advisors
  • Quant-driven Investing: Eliminate investing bias and get data-driven advice.
  • Tailored-risk profile-based allocation: Customized portfolios for optimum returns suitable to your risk profile.
  • Long-term focus: Emphasizes investing over trading, prioritizing long-term wealth creation.
  • Flexibility for every investor: Products to cater to all kinds of investors.
  • Optimizing for growth: Constant monitoring and rebalancing of investments for a favorable risk-reward ratio.
  • SEBI registered investment advisors: With a team boasting 30+ years of investing experience.
  • Proven track record: Backed by years of successful fund management experience, strategy development, & backtested results.
  • Advanced analytics platform: Access comprehensive portfolio analytics and fundamental factor scoring to analyze your portfolios.

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Use our free portfolio analyzer to identify risks and the right investment approach


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“Investing at first seemed complicated to me, but ORIM helped me a lot! Its risk analyzer showed me exactly how much risk I could take, and helped me pick a suitable subscription to meet my money goals.”

- Manav Shah

“Since I have a busy work schedule, actively managing my investments wasn’t possible. SInce ORIM started managing it for me, I am very happy that I don’t need to worry about it.”

- Reetu Singh

“I’ve been investing with ORIM for over a year now. It is user-friendly and automatic which means I don’t have to spend hours managing my portfolio as they do it for me.”

- Anusha Patil

“I recommend ORIM to all beginner investors. Best online platform to start your investment journey.”

- Srinivas Hari

“Being an avid investor I love to diversify my portfolio and with ORIM I am comfortably doing it with just one subscription! Money well spent!”

- Harish Jain

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Answers to Your Top Queries About investing with ORIM

With millions of modern-day people, businesses, and companies relying on us to manage and control their finances, we are a trusted partner.

General Questions

ORIM provides a digital only risk analytics and financial advisory solution to individuals to achieve their investment objectives.


ORIM offers portfolio risk analytics and investment advisory.

To begin your digital and seamless investing journey at ORIM please follow the below steps:

1- Check your risk profile

2- Check risk analytics of your existing portfolio

3- Select your preferred investment product

4- Begin your investment journey.


To begin your investing journey at ORIM please fill in your details at & we shall get in touch with you with all the further processes.

ORIM offers fees structure which are always in client’s interest. To know more about the fee structure, please reach us at

For all kind of support services we are always available to help you. Feel free to reach out to us at or 022- 46027238.

Risk Analytics

Risk testing begins with our risk profiler, we use a psychometric i.e. psychological + quantitative approach towards generating a risk profile. The next step of innovation comes in with risk analytics of existing investments. These proprietary statistical tools used for such analysis help the client get a holistic view of their existing portfolio.

Risk Profiling basically identifies the amount of risk an individual should be taking for their investments. This is derived using ORIM’s proprietary solution which includes a psychometric i.e. psychological + quantitative questionnaire which is based on a machine learning (ML) algorithm. The capability of the questionnaire algorithm to change as per previous inputs makes it a robust solution for estimating the optimum amount of risk an individual should take.

It will match investment solutions as per an individual’s risk profile. Hence the risk profiling tool is essential to create the right portfolio, aligned with the client’s expectations.

Yes, you can change your risk profile manually if you feel that you have a risk profile different from what the tool has guided or you wish to align your investments as per your own preferred risk profile.

ORIM’s risk analytics tool helps analyze the risk of existing investments in a portfolio and give a guidance to the investor about how the portfolio’s risk and returns will behave in future.

The risk analytics tool would help you understand the underlying risk in your existing portfolio. It would also help to check the risk in your existing investments and their alignment with your risk profile.

The risk analytics tool output is a combination of statistical functions which are applied on historical performance on a universe of scripts from various asset classes.

ORIM uses the risk profiler output as a variable to decide the appropriate investment product for a client. A change in the risk profile would hence lead to a change in the investment product offering.

Investment Advisory

Investment advisory is a process of offering recommendations on various scripts across asset classes with an aim to create a portfolio of investments matching with the risk profile. Investment advisory is done post conducting in depth research and analysis.

You would be advised across various asset classes namely equity, debt, gold, real estate & alternative investment products. A combination of asset classes would be selected which would best suite your risk profile.

ORIM’s uniqueness begins with a three step robust process of doing risk profiling, risk analytics and risk matching. We aim not only do the risk profiling but also analyze the risk of existing investment and then provide investment advisory. This helps one manage risk not only for future investments but also for existing investments and leads to true risk matching of risk profile with the investments. In order to conduct this process, we have created our proprietary process which is completely digitized and simplistic.

Wealth creation is the by-product of long term investing in a patient and disciplined manner. Hence the investment tenure is an important variable and it is advised to at least have a 3-5 year investment tenure when venturing in any investment product.

ORIM’s platform is created with an aim to offer investment advisory to all kinds of investors. Please connect with us at to know more about our product offerings.

ORIM would introduce churn/rebalance in the portfolio as the need would arise. We generally try to maintain a churn of 20% – 25% on an annual bases.

1. A client/subscriber paying the fees on a monthly basis can cancel the subscription only after the completion of 30 days. ORIM Advisors Pvt. Ltd. does not owe any liability to refund the monthly subscription charges should the subscriber decide to discontinue availing services or terminate the account or under any other circumstances whatsoever. Subscription charges paid for a month shall not be refunded.

2. A client/subscriber paying the fees on a half-yearly basis or yearly basis can initiate the cancellation process by providing ORIM Advisors Pvt. Ltd. with 1 month advance notice. Upon cancellation, the subscriber shall be entitled to a refund for the remaining unexpired period of the subscription.

3. Refunds for approved cancellations will be initiated within 7 working days from the date of raising the cancellation ticket. The completion of the refund is subject to the processing times of the relevant financial institutions and may take additional time beyond the initial initiation.