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Drowning with Information and unable to choose?

  • ORIM’s Risk testing tool will guide you with the best Investment option for you. The tools helps you with the right investment option as per your risk test outcome. Risk testing not only involves testing the risk profile of an individual, but also includes the risk analytics of existing investments.
  • Knowing the risk, and consistently managing it in your investments, are two different functions, which majority of investors are unable to match. We aim to bring together frameworks of risk & investments for each independent investor by matching the risk you wish to take with the risk of your existing and forthcoming investments.
  • Our psychometric technique of testing the risk which an individual wishes to take considers a very simplistic approach and creates the most optimum risk profile for you. Furthermore, our analysis for risk of existing investments includes a statistical & fundamental approach to get to the best understanding of risk of existing investments.
  • Fusion of the above used techniques, give a holistic understanding to risk testing and also its importance in the investing world